Friday, January 1, 2016

internet favorites for january: molly young's critical shopper column

This month, I wanted to highlight Molly Young's amazing column for the New York Times. She goes to a variety of stores (from upscale to goofy) and reviews the experience--the ambience, the clientele, the employees, the products. And she's hilarious and super smart and this is exactly the kind of fashion/style writing that brings meaning to my life.

 Some favorites:

1. Flying Tiger Copenhagen--the post where I first sat up and said, "Who is this genius writer?" (Here's my haul.)

"As retail experiences go, it is like walking into a junk drawer that was blown up to theme-park scale. If your reaction to that sentence is to physically swerve away from your reading device, you may cruise along to the next article. If your reaction is “Tell me more,” here we go."

2. Totokaelo--my love for this sort of thing runs deep.

"If you’re in the mood to hit the playground or just to obscure your secondary sex characteristics, any of these will do the job."

PS Another astonishingly accomplished (and gorgeous, Molly Young too, I said it) writer hero--Alice Gregory. Here's a piece of hers I never forgot, the real experience of working at Sotheby's.

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