Saturday, August 22, 2015

Internet favorites: Giant, Loose, Unaffordable

Those who know me well know about my unstoppable passion for giant, loose clothing. Basically, if it looks like you might wear it as penance, I probably like it.

For example, I just bought this "raw-edge linen sack dress" in two colors:

In person, it's a large rectangle of fabric with rudimentary armholes, with dangling threads coming off every hem that will make you fear that you have ants crawling all over you. It doesn't merely "hang off the body," it disguises you and makes you feel very itchy. The remnant linen feels like burlap. In a word--perfect!

I was really happy to discover on Pinterest the ultimate store, Oroboro, for people who like giant, loose clothing, with the added sinful/penitent frisson of being completely out of my price range.

Here are just a few of my favorites, on sale or sold out:

who thought these were a good idea?? me. (originally $403)

mmmmmm. (originally $690)

Another internet favorite source for shapeless sack inspiration: Sou-Sou. This is a Japanese store that ships to the US, also out of my price range, also so easy, architectural, minimal, and perfectly unflattering.

On another note, these tabi shoes are like Marimekko mixed with Margiela. ($110)

As for loose unaffordable Etsy things, here's my fav:

(Oracle hands from Simka Sol, $67. Check out her golden cactus version too.)

One bonus thing: I haven't felt very drawn to much of the stuff in stores for fall (I don't love bell bottoms, pale denim, or denim pencil skirts, and those have been everywhere), but I do really love this alpine scenery scarf from And Other Stories. I'll be looking out for it to go on sale (it's $50 now).

Meantime, I have Urban Outfitters promos to know me better than I know myself...

Thanks, guys. (source, source.)


PS: All the Internet Favorites, and all shopping posts.

PPS: My Pinterest, which I do not use very often, but when I do, it's giant, loose, and unaffordable. 

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