Thursday, August 15, 2013

End of times at Nordvoll, Norwegian Arctic

 Around midnight on my last day. When the sun doesn't set you feel like the end of the world is just around the corner.
 This are photos from the last two days of my time in Norway and as a Shaw fellow. I haven't uploaded them before (they're from June) because I really couldn't tell, looking at them, if the photos were interesting or not. It's like a magic trick how waiting 2 months can change your photos from boring to utterly filled with longing.

Just on my last day we found three strawberry flowers

me and michelle

 part of what I wrote in the wwoof book

 The same field and beach, Snarby, at the end of April

The same field in mid May

When I think about Michelle or this last day in Nordvoll, I hear Ida's "My Fair, My Dark." The readers who know me know I don't listen to music that often, but when I do I get all emotional, and Norway and "My Fair, My Dark" are so perfect together. Michelle sang me a song she wrote while we stood on the beach, maybe that's why I remember her and the end of the Arctic with a melody.

Please listen to the song I mean here.

my watercolors of the beginning of my stay, and the end

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  1. The places you have been to are so nice and you are awesome

    love reading your post and looking at your photographs