Wednesday, June 24, 2015

a really nice sunset over new york

such a delight to watch instagram blow up yellow and pink. when i was traveling, i got used to bearing witness alone. it is nice to have some company!

eve came up with her bowl of sliced mangos in hand, which, like...apt color choice

 thanks to eve for these blueblueblueblue photos

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Shamir fan street style!

My first-ever street style post went up at Fusion today...

I made Eve come with me to the Shamir concert (at the Music Hall of Williamsburg) because I was too shy to ask people for their photo. But no one ended up turning us down! I only regret that I had to take photos with the flash.

Monday, June 22, 2015

around brooklyn

eve's cool new shirt from verameat

Thursday, June 18, 2015

first days on instagram...

i recently got my first instagram account, and it truly is the social media experience of a lifetime. i hope you'll follow me if you like

Fairy School, at Fusion!

I am really excited to report that my first article for Fusion was published today!

See it here (photos included)!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

special moment with a willow, wnyc transmitter park, greenpoint.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

birds in the bush

north carolina, north carolina, and new york