Saturday, October 31, 2015

internet favorites for november: favorite things from instagram

My favorite instagram users, consistently, are the illustrator/designers Leah Reena Goren, Kaye Blegvad, Amelie Mancini, Louise Lockhart, and Phoebe Wahl. I also love the Swedish mother Erica (but her photos fill me with so much longing and delight I can barely look at them),  photographer Diana Markosian, and (for art project inspiration) Maya Climbs Trees, Kirsten Rickert's homeschooling account.

 But I follow something like 700 other accounts, and so here are some screenshots of favorite things I've seen on instagram (not all these accounts are consistently amazing, but some are--you be the judge)--inspiration for writing, painting, and photography.

1. Julia Rothman

7. Hyperallergic

8. Sam Is Home

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A pow wow for Indigenous Peoples' Day, on Fusion

Really happy to share my latest photo-story for Fusion--I went to this weekend's pow wow on Randall's Island.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Thursday, October 1, 2015

internet favorites for october: favorite enormous eyes

Enormous Eye is a kind of writing project--art project?--by Amy Rose Spiegel of Rookie. Various writers--not all young, but mostly, not all New Yorkers, but mostly--record every single detail of their Saturday, and she publishes the results pretty much unedited. And you're not supposed to go out and have a really dynamic interesting day--just do what you'd normally do.

I got to do one in the spring, and it was my favorite day of living in New York. (It didn't hurt that it was one of the first warm days of spring.) Everything was incredibly vibrant and exciting and fresh, and I felt like I could see it all. I felt half-nervous, half-powerful. I told Eve, this is probably what I hoped being a writer would feel like every day!

Anyways, the whole Enormous Eye experiment is worth reading in its entirety. It TRANSCENDS the sum of its parts. On the one hand, I found it very comforting to realize how many of my writer heroes are introverted like me, or spend a lot of time alone. (Sometimes living in NYC it feels like there's a huge party going on, just beyond my reach.) On the other hand, it reminds me of what the best lecturer I ever had at Harvard, Phil Fisher, said about Joyce's Ulysses--the idea is that in one single day you remember/relive every important thing that's ever happened to you. I also think it's interesting to see who's really blasé about the activity, really bare-bones, and who is a little more writerly.

I have so many favorites, but here is my favorite one ever, by Lola Pellegrino. I also forced Eve to read it.

I also love Haley Mlotek's, so beautiful and simple.

And I love everything by Sarah Nicole Prickett and this is no exception (but have you read her bit in Women in Clothes??).

Here are the other Internet Favorites.