Tuesday, December 1, 2015

internet favorites for december: the only apps i've ever loved

As a rule, I dislike trying out apps or downloading things. Technology-wise, I am a late adapter. But these three apps have made themselves essential to my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend them!

1. Unroll.me
Eve showed me this. It combines all the subscriptions you choose (how about some Madewell promo emails? Everlane? Bookcourt?) into one single email, and sends it to you every morning. It has saved my inbox!

2. VSCO Cam
I know this is old news for smartphone owners, but this is an awesome app for photo-editing on your phone--more subtle filters than Instagram, and lots of fine-tuneable options.

3. Camerabag 2
I can't afford Photoshop or even Lightroom, and this $20 thingy allows me to edit my digital photos to the extent that I want. And it's been invaluable for my Fusion freelancing. I love it! It's like VSCO Cam for a desktop, but with even more options. And if all your images from an event have the same problem--like, they're all too yellow--you can create your own filter and save it.

PS Here are the other internet favorites.

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