Monday, September 23, 2013

Foods for sadness

 Totto Ramen, Manhattan

If you're too sad to eat normal food, here are some fail-proof options:

1. Greek Gods honey flavored yogurt With 47% your daily value of saturated fat per serving, to accompany your breaking heart on its way down

2. Totto Ramen If you can manage to drag yourself from your bed up to Hell's Kitchen, this is the best sad-person soup I've ever had

2. Green and Black's Milk Chocolate with toffee Pace Bernachon, this one has such a sticky, dulce-de-leche-ish high-pitched taste that just tastes like something you could eat even when you're too sad to eat (and it tastes uncannily just like the Carrefour organic milk chocolate that they sell in Italian Carrefours)

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