Friday, September 27, 2013

Dozens of photos of hatching chicks

 Hatching Chicks: The Definitive Collection.
The moral of this story (and the moral of all my posts about farm animals) is: animals are better than people. Actually, that should probably be the title of my blog.

 As soon as the little dark one hatched, he ran straight under his mom.

 The new daddy comes to check on his family. Just a few days later, this rooster was taken by foxes. We spent an hour searching the woods for his remains--a few brown feathers.

It was such a surprise to find the first peeping baby in the nesting box, right on time, three weeks after we gave the eggs back to the brooding hen. Though I'd been expecting them to hatch, it was funny and weird to find this little visitor where there'd been a humdrum everyday-looking egg just an hour before.

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