Monday, December 31, 2012

Top 10 Places I slept in 2012

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10. My childhood bed in Durham, a tiny twin. It's so quiet here, but all the most important books are within easy reach.

9. Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge, Marrakesh. I splurged on a private room (about $22 a night, instead of $6) during my stay in Marrakesh. I'd spent the whole summer sharing rooms, and I was ready to do some serious napping. The room was a sweltering inferno and the ceiling plaster kept falling ominously onto my face where it had gotten damp and loosened from the rooftop bathroom directly above. Bruna, my Brazilian friend, said that when the plaster cracked and fell off like that, it meant the entire ceiling could fall down at any moment.
 Hostel Riad Marrakesh Rouge, 2012

8. Friend's house, Turin. It was my jet-lag day so I fell into this bed when bright day had all the fun of night.

7. Tomato Backpackers Hotel, Turin. A spare single room with a private bathroom for 40 euros. After Arpisson it was unimaginable luxury. The bathroom floor, for example, was not covered in cow shit.

6. Azienda Agricola Casa Lanzarotti. I had a single room with velvet curtains and a lot of spiders. Some little animal made a maraca-type noise in the wall. Wwoofers no longer live there because Iris brought in some more permanent workers for the farm--I was the last one.
 Casa Lanzarotti, 2012

5. Friend's house, Milan. A high, tight, white bed that made me feel like there were bugs falling off of me because it was so clean.

4. My cot in the loft above the barn, Azienda Agricola Arpisson. I shared the slanted, attic-type room with Lucas and Allison. The air was full of flies. The view out to the town of Gimillan and the far valley floor was epic. My mattress pad was lumpy and flat as a pancake and I slept so soundly on it. It was nice in the morning (but not that nice) to hear Attilio and Gabriella coming down to start the milking, and know that I could sleep another hour. 
Azienda Agricola Arpisson, Lower Farm, 2012

3. Anastasia's bed in Baltimore. She lives in a row house in such an incredibly picturesque and old-fashioned row that her next-door neighbor's house is being used as a set for an HBO show. She has a high-up bed all creamy-white and lacy. She has always had a subtle and elegant style.

2. Lucy's bed in Eagle Rock. She lives in a little room in the backyard, that's made out of concrete and unheated. Cold air came in the broken door all night, but the bed was a Princess-and-the-Pea-style tower of comforters.

1. My friend's bed in the Cave, at my old co-op. He lived in a windowless single room with a sloping roof that must be about 6'x10'. It was meant to be a closet and his living there was against the fire code. He outfitted it with his desk, a lot of Leftist books, twinkle lights, a lava lamp, and a really nice stereo system, and he kept it spotlessly clean. It was the perfect place for watching the sparks from wintergreen Lifesavers, among other things.

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