Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trawling the Norwegian supermarket

 Look at these blond kids who are so excited about liver pate. Norway!

 So many different kinds of brown cheese.

 A can of Budweiser is $5.55 at 5.7 Norwegian crowns to the dollar.

 And a carton of Ben and Jerry's is $11.29.

 They love chocolate chip cookies in this country. I don't know about the American taste.

Added after the fact for comparison purposes (these are from a Japanese supermarket)

 Kakemann. These must be wildly popular, as they are sold at all of the Norwegian supermarkets I've been to.

Caviar in a tube, presumably so that you can use it as toothpaste

ShrimpCheese, BaconCheese, and HamCheese, in a tube. The product is a creamy, almost fluffy off-white paste, with little orange flecks in it (it doesn't matter what flavor, it's all orange flecks). Dan the Swede loves this on sandwiches.

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