Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I have betrayed my values

I got a digital camera (a Sony rx100). It's half as expensive in the US, and fortunately, Norwegian customs didn't catch it (it probably helps that my mom put it in a little boring box).

The thing I hate most about digital photography is how fake the light always looks. I particularly hate those bright-turquoise skies that even the fanciest cameras end up with. I don't have Photoshop so I guess I'll have to try out a lot of different things with Picasa's editing tools. I kind of hate myself and what I've been reduced to, but already I was thinking about all the things I can do now that I could never manage before: Videos, photos in low light and photos of auroras and other risky subjects, even street style photos, for God's sake. This camera also has a zoom, which I've never experienced before. Given that it's twenty dollars to develop a roll here, I'll make up the cost of the camera in 35 rolls--which, when I'm traveling, is about two months' worth.

 The blackberries here go long and slow and are only somewhat ripe in mid-October.
I need to figure out how to stop the camera from focusing on the first thing it sees, holy crap. I took a film photo of this same briar and once it's developed I will put it up here and we will all cry our eyes out.

The two black cats of Lygra Gjestegarde. This photo's all right except for those dreadful kool-aid blue spaces in the upper left.

A neighbor's house.

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