Wednesday, June 8, 2016

lamb enamel pins

After a long time of obsessing and putting it off and looking all over for a lamb like this, I finally produced my first enamel pin!

Soon I might post about the process of making this, but the main thing is that I drew a bunch of India ink drawings and scanned my favorite--a completely analogue process.

The backing cards are handstamped with a handcarved block of easy carve linoleum. My favorite.

The material is hard enamel (also known as cloisonne, the highest quality kind) with silver details and  the lamb just an inch and a quarter tall at its highest point.

You can check this lamb out on my new etsy. Oinkshop! We have Eve to thank for the name.

Thanks so much for looking! I am grateful to all the various sympathetic and tender people and readers who have supported this and all the other animal-based DIY projects I have pursued over the years.


  1. The lino cut is such a lovely touch - these are great !

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