Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Internet favorites for July: Favorite tote bags

Here are all the other internet favorites!

I carry a tote bag every day. I have to carry around a lot of stuff for tutoring, and I usually carry a book/magazine, my calendar, my journal, a camera and film, and a draft of a story.
I have a bunch of good tote bags already, from Zabar's and N+1 and the Strand, and a William Morris lightweight shopper from the Metropolitan Museum store. The ideal tote is heavyweight and machine washable and not so fancy that I'd feel sad about putting on the muddy subway floor.

I don't think I need any more tote bags except that I've gotten a huge amount of use out of the ones I have, so I know the cost-per-wear for these tempting sacks would be very low...

1. Navy canvas from Kaufmann Mercantile

2. Tree from John Derian

3. Cloud from the Usual Designers, Society Six

Not machine washable, but so beautiful... 4. Linen and leather from American Apparel

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