Thursday, July 16, 2015

day trip to red hook

eve and i took the train to carroll and walked the long hot way to red hook...

which was so quiet and old-seeming, like a mixture of cambridge ma, durham nc, colonial williamsburg, and williamsburg williamsburg.

this puppy was named stan

 and we encountered him at steve's authentic, which sells all key lime pies, only key lime pies, from a waterside house that felt like a blast straight from florida.

beyond the pie, i had the best baked good i have ever had in my life, at baked. it was like a homemade twix bar situation (reminded me of that "millionaire's shortbread" i ate in edinburgh), so we're talking buttery biscuit base, caramel in the center, chocolate on top. i was screaming!! it was so good!!

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