Monday, June 1, 2015

Internet favorites for June: favorite wallpapers

Here are the other internet favorites!

I don't know when I'll ever own a house. But I dream of having a room of my own where I can write at one desk and draw at another. I don't think my gf would like to have wallpaper--she's all about simple, white-box style--so I'd need my own space to put up one of these beautiful beautiful prints.

Hygge and West is what kicked off this strange new obsession with wallpaper. Feast your eyes on these beautiful designs from Rifle Paper Company:

1. Rosa in indigo

2. Peonies in persimmon

And then once I got started I couldn't stop...
3. Bird Spotting from Wallpaper Republic

4. Poppy, an art nouveau style design from Cole & Son. I like how it's silvery...

5. Migration from Cavern, which also has metallic bronze in the wings!

6. Tobie by Phoebe Wahl on Spoonflower

7. This is very fancy and unaffordable designer wallpaper, but JUST LOOK AT IT. It's a watercolor refracted Rorschach mirage in my favorite colors. It's Astral Night from Eskayel. 
Everything they sell is perfect and amazing.

Top to bottom: Nairuta Citron, Parvati Cerulean, Biami Night, and Sati Citron, and I might have to buy a "large sample" of fabric just to press to my face all day until my eyes fall out.

8. One last one: this forest wall hanging from Urban Outfitters. It's wonderfully affordable and temporary...ughhhh....*

Bonus:  I never forgot this energetic, bountiful wallpaper at the Greenpoint location of Bakeri, as seen in Design Sponge. It's from Nathalie Lété and is no longer available, though they carry something similar at anthropologie. I imagine trying to mimic it sometime in painting.

* i bought it. for shame!!

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