Friday, May 1, 2015

Internet Favorites for May: Things I cannot afford

I wish I didn't like stuff as much as I do. I love stuff. This has a lot to do with the internet, my #1 source of objects and lives that I must have for myself. I read blogs and feel sad until I identify some stuff I truly love, and then, instead of sadness, I feel desire. I guess this is what "inspiration" is?

Thing from the past: I remember when I was living in Italy trying to eat less dessert all the time. I felt like I was eating too much. But I went to a party for which my host family had made a tiramis├╣, and I noted sadly in my journal that the tiramis├╣ was "not irresistible." Sometimes you just want to be enchanted by something, even when you know you shouldn't.

Some stuff I'd love:

1. Lucas Foglia's book for A Natural Order. Foglia is my favorite photographer. More of his photos are here. These photos had a huge effect on my writing project. Not sure if I want the book or the life. Well, if you can't get to Wildroots, wwoofing might be a good substitute.

2. Everything from Ace&Jig.
Simple, soft-shaped garments in the most sumptuous textiles. I went to their sample sale recently but I think I have found the brand I would like to wear at all times ceaselessly into eternity.

3. This Margiela earring, a daisy on a stem that shoots right through you...


4. hand and arrow from datter...

5. And most of all a trip back to Turin.
I was an exchange student in Turin from ages 15-16. One of the strangest parts of being in a real long-term relationship is that traveling is no longer my top priority. But I miss it. I recently learned that awe is the healthiest emotion


  1. Another photographer did a project similar to Foglia's :