Sunday, February 1, 2015

Internet favorites for February--a shopping list for winter

 Internet favorites are back! Here are some snuggly things I'd buy if I were a woman of means.

1. This "magnet pattern game" rainbow toy handmade in Germany, I'd just hang it on the wall next to my Albers color studies and stare at it all day

2. little wire string lights, one step more magical than Christmas tree lights, though I love Christmas tree lights too.

3. This perfect scarf from Leah Goren, ugh come wrap yourself around my neck

4. And everything from Rikumo, but in particular this "broken cloud placemat" and this beautiful wooden raccoon which I absolutely do not need but that Rikumo has put in its "office supplies" section to tempt me into thinking that I can use it as an office supply.

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