Wednesday, October 1, 2014

internet favorites for october: 3 favorite online stores

Some more internet favorites from a grizzled internet veteran.

1. Kaufmann Mercantile. Everything here would be a great gift for my boo. It's a lot of hard-wearing, all-natural, Brooklyn-ish homewares, the kind that's hard to find on the internet.

Since we don't have space for much, we've started to care even about the beauty of things like sponges and laundry hampers. That way everything's beautiful from the inside out, and even cleaning wares can be put on display.

2. OMG Posters!
 I keep worrying that whoever updates this site will quit, because it seems too good to be true. This site documents all the noteworthy new poster releases from all kinds of independent and under-the-radar designers. They're mostly concert posters or art prints, mostly screen-printed, mostly limited-run. You can't shop directly on OMG Posters, but the site gives you links to buy everything that's featured. I've gotten so many of my very favorite decorations from them. I'm recently really digging these Thick Lines posters by Aaron Draplin.

3. ASOS Africa
These clothes hit every nail on the head. They're wearable, weird, and pretty affordable (especially when on sale), and they're sustainably made in Africa. I'm always checking back to see their latest items.

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