Sunday, August 25, 2013

Norwegian arctic cuisine, 2013

 nathalie caught a cod

 There's no question that the Noma's success, and the accompanying international interest in Scandinavian food, has made being an organic farmer in the Arctic a lot more fun. Roger would go down to the beach gathering unusual seaweeds, snails, and sea urchins of all sizes. The elegant restaurants of Tromsø happily bought it all--if not to serve as food, to use ornamentally, so that, sitting in the restaurant, maybe you could almost believe you'd foraged it yourself, like (off the top of my head) a few wind-whipped wwoofers crouching by the seaside while the eagles crossed and recrossed the sun. (seriously, we sometimes only realized that the eagles had returned because of their giant shadows.)

 straight up whale, waiting to be grilled. minke whale is the one they eat in norway.

 cloudberries, like rounder, flame-colored blackberries with larger drupelets, and a sour taste with an undertone of something I can only describe as "haunted"

Boat ice cream
Roger, in Tromso's traditional outfit

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