Sunday, January 20, 2013

more scenes from Shakespeare and Company

many more posts about tumbleweeding and Shakespeare and Company are listed here.

After the jump, some old bios and some weird finds from the bookshelves.

 Most of the older bios are covered with George's hilariously savage corrections. He often made people rewrite their bios many times, so much so that one girl's whole bio read something like, "George, this is my sixth autobiography, and I refuse to write another one."

 There are a lot of dull or overwritten ones, and then sometimes one is very moving.

 From the Sylvia Beach Memorial Library, on the second floor.

 Colette, the store dog, up in the childrens' section with me. "Colette will do anything for a snuggle," said Sylvia. When Woody Allen was filming the shop's cameo for Midnight in Paris, Colette kept getting in the shot, which made all the Shakespeare and Co employees very happy, until they noticed how mad Woody Allen was because the dog kept ruining his takes. "Whose dog is that?" he demanded. And all the employees pretended they had no clue. "Oh, it just comes and hangs around..."

 Kitty in the kitchen.

This cat is named "Kitty," like all the Shakespeare and Co cats of the past. He was George's cat (Colette was George's dog). Sylvia told us George used to like to feed the animals while he was eating. They'd sit on either side, and he alternated: A bite for him, and a bite for them. He particularly liked to make his animals envious of each other, so he'd feed the cat until the dog couldn't take it anymore, then switch off, etc.


  1. I just learned that Kitty passed away yesterday. He has joined all the other cats in becoming the invisible inhabitants of the bookshop. They still hang around, you know. But it's sad not being able to see them.

    1. Thanks so much for this note. I miss that big tenderhearted cat!

    2. ;-; aww I wished i could have met him!