Monday, February 1, 2016

Internet Favorites for Tuesday: A few amazing pieces on being a woman/writing/the internet

This piece by Jia Tolentino is incredible. She examines the paradox but she doesn't just leave it there--she makes assertions that actually make sense--I never read anything on feminist blogging (a favorite topic of mine, what can I say) so well-reasoned, so detailed. This essay encompasses so much, in a fluid, quick, thorough way.
Let’s say a feminist site fucks up occasionally; so do feminists. Let’s say even that the site is frequently unpalatable; that seems reasonable in a world where every human is a nightmare to someone else. To me, the obvious conclusion from everything that is annoying on the internet is that the stakes of representation should be much, much lower. But we are trudging through these wild storms of approval and disapprobation on a failing hunt for consensus; we are worshiping and trying to locate a mirage.
Then I followed her on all possible platforms. She wrote this beautiful story about Kyrgyzstan, where she was in the Peace Corps. And she also wrote this smashing thing. I love her!

Because this is kind of more of a notebook than a newspaper, here are a few other essays along similar lines, that have gone very viral for good reason.

On Pandering, Claire Vaye Watkins (and Tolentino's take)
80 Books No Woman Should Read, Men Explain Lolita to Me, Rebecca Solnit

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