Sunday, August 17, 2014

internet favorites for august: my favorite two apartments on the selby

i recently moved apartments, so i've been buying furniture for the very first time. eve and i have had so much fun picking out muji sheets, home depot crates, my little pine nightstand from ikea, and other things that fit in the simple/cheap/natural triad.

i love reading home decor blogs, but i rarely find anything i find actually inspiring--something that makes me want to get up and do it myself. well here are my two favorite-ever apartments photographed by todd selby that are really special and make me very excited to make new things.

katsuya kamo-- a hairdresser from tokyo who has created or amassed a huge collection of shadowboxes. i'm obsessed. i love the one that's all white-paper geometric solids, or the one that seems to show an arrangement of twigs in front of an image of tall mountains.

cheri messerli and david rager--these photos, from 2008, show their loft in brooklyn. (they've since moved to paris, how beautiful!) i love how theatrical their space is. dark jewel tones and paper-white sheets and lamps. it reminds me of shakespeare and company.

all photographs from the selby.

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