Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Too bored to eat

I'm having a lot of trouble eating food right now. All food is so boring but I feel so weak. Toast? No. Milk? No. Granola? No. Salami? No. Eggs? No. Brunost? No. Ramen? No. Pasta? No. Carrots? No. (All honest answers. Still, I'm starving.) I'm housesitting out by Samnanger Fjord and it's very slow and very isolated. There's plenty of food in the pantry and the freezer, but no option of going out to buy new food. Which has answered the age-old question which I can't formulate because I'm too weak. The question is something like, do you always need to be buying things to make them exciting? What if you stocked your closet with a hundred new dresses that you slowly released to yourself over five years? Would it be as exciting as buying a hundred new dresses gradually over five years? Answer: No.

I just watched Walk the Line and it was so incredible because of Joaquin Phoenix's freaky twitching during his performances. I watched all the performances over and over again. I can't stop singing Cocaine Blues. "When I was arrested I was dressed in black..." What does that mean? Why is it so powerful? When I'm feeding the cows I say "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash," in my best Johnny Cash voice.

Also, Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life. I can't stop singing the Hard Knock Life song from Annie. What a creepy weird melody, a sinister octave rise.

I spend a lot of time cleaning my keyboard. The space bar has a big worn-down patch on the left side. The C, V and B have vertical worn-patches from my nails, I guess. The D is worn down on a slight \ diagonal. And the E is worn down on a steeper \ diagonal.

I'm thinking about the weird, custardy, precise, blunt movement of someone's finger on a roadmap.

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