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Fusion, 2015


Words/photos for Fusion, 2015:
Brooklyn's Real-Life Fairies
Fans at Shamir's Post-Gender Disco Party
Mushroom Hunting in Central Park
An Evening at Bizarre Bushwick's Folk Circus
A Backyard Flame-Spinning Practice
Women Boxers of NYC
Photos from an LGBT Vogue Ball (with article by Tahirah Hairston)
A pow wow for Indigenous Peoples' Day

Words/photos for Gothamist, 2015:
Spirit Animal Workshop with a Siberian Shamaness
Maker Faire

Enormous Eye, 2015: All about a Saturday

Nat Brut, 2014: Farming (a photo set)

Buzzfeed, 2014: Interview, with photos, about living in a bookshop

Rookie, 2014: A photo journal from living at Shakespeare and Company

If you'd like to send me off to take photos or write an article for your publication, please email me!

(In chronological order, not necessarily goodness order!)

Corium Magazine, 2013: "The Full Range of Possibilities"
Literary Orphans, 2013: "Creep"
Word Riot, 2013: "Halibut Point"
Knee-Jerk, 2012: "The Flight" (featured on's "Best of 2012")
New World Writing, 2012: "Blind Man and Daughter"
The Harvard Advocate, 2011: "Arms"
The Harvard Advocate, 2011: "Cuccaro"
The Harvard Advocate, 2010: "Bread"

From the critics (from I Saw You Harvard):

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