Monday, December 1, 2014

internet favorites for december: favorite fashion blogs

here's another "internet favorites" post. here's my first, about my favorite home decor photos. i think i might start posting more regularly about my favorite things on the world wide web, because after all i spend a lot of time here, and there is so much wonderful stuff around.

 i really love fashion blogs of all kinds, but i tend to cycle through them pretty fast. i get tired of blogs where everything is so expensive, or where the people featured are so fashiony-perfect that i may as well just read a magazine (i love fashion magazines too, actually, but i get enough of that thin-n-hairless stuff already). i liked that tumblr "shit fashion bloggers wear" (tapered off fast, didn't it?), but i never actually saw that shit on bloggers i followed.

here are my two favorite fashion blogs: hel looks and the time is grey.

the first is a street style site from helsinki. these people are amazing, but what keeps me reading is the subjects' beautiful/bizarre commentary.

"for many years I wore black only. Until I realized that I can wear colours and beauty, too. not only observe them.”

the time is grey is a personal style blog written by a belgian american apparel employee who lives in los angeles. her outfits are beautiful and simple, her photographs are beautiful and simple, and her captions give a little glimpse into the memory-laden, evocative side of dressing oneself:

the weather is for pants this week
i try to enjoy it a maximum before it becomes to hot

it is very subtle my pants and trench are plaids

shades of treys and beiges, it somehow reminds me the beaches of the north sea

i miss home today


 i am not always very convinced by the bloggers who defend themselves in long, thoughtful-ish posts against the common criticisms like "fashion is shallow" or "accumulating stuff is evil," just because i really understand those points of view and feel like you can't argue your way out of that by reasoning along the same lines, because you'll never get to the core of what people who don't like fashion object to. like, okay, "fashion is empowering," or, a la the devil wears prada, "even the sloppiest dressers are influenced by fashion because fashion dictates what the stores sell." these points can't really blow apart the "fashion is shallow" thing, i think, because everyone's assuming the same things: strictly useful clothes (a fireman's outfit) do not need defending. instead, fashion people have to defend being able to choose what to wear--defend their passion for the clothes that are not strictly made for utility. (i was grateful, when farming in norway, to experience truly useful clothes for the first time--neon-orange helle hansen raincoats made for mucking out a cow enclosure in the horrible cold spring rain. anything other than that, particularly the sort of fashion bloggers like, is "shallow," because it's about effect.)

still, the strongest arguments don't nitpick the opponent's objections, but show why the underlying assumption is wrong. i recently read on tumblr a more compelling argument about why being able to choose your fashion, your aesthetic, matters profoundly. it's not always about posing or fitting in with a desired group visually. but it is always about this:

"every morning, getting dressed is a process of quantifying an apathy to violence, potential, meditated, or openly hostile, for the day."

this hit me right in the gut.

what does this have to do with my favorite fashion blogs? well, i like that neither of them directly wastes too much time with these questions. but since they focus on people's emotional experiences with clothes, they are so much more "inspiring" than the more mainstream ones. they offer new defenses against or justifications for the decisions that lead to the violence of being regarded or harassed on the street.

long story short, emotions are the most interesting part of everything.

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